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Enjoying your Fishing Vacation: The Newbie’s Guide on the Different Types of Fishing

Ah, the many joys of fishing trips. The sport that leaves all the women in awe wondering “What is so wonderful about throwing string in and out of the water and what is fly fishing”? Well, when the water is just right, you can taste and feel that cold beverage going down much better! Besides, there’s not much to entertain ourselves throughout the daytime hours on our day off; we may as well get out and get a boat hire instead of sitting on our butts in front of the TV, right? This article presents valuable information for any newbie to the fishing hobby and sport:

Fishing Vacations

Many people can’t appreciate the joy that fishing provides; it’s considered one of the most relaxing vacations that you can take. Add a few friends, a reasonable Sydney boat hire, a fishing lodge, and a good fishing guide and you’ll have yourself a fishing vacation you may never forget. Finding a good fishing lodge and a boat rental Sydney has today is fairly simple. Most of the time, a boat hire and fishing lodges are places right next to each other at river banks, beaches, ports, or at camping sites to provide a great and convenient service to their customers.

Hiring a Fishing Guide

Fishing trips usually start with finding a good fish store that sells bait such as night crawlers (worms) or squid; depending on where you plan to fish. After you get a reliable boat hire Sydney has today for your fishing vacation, you should find a fishing guide you can trust. They list their most expensive products for tarpon fishing, salmon fishing, bass fishing or just the everyday fishing sport. You may end up with a good product but let’s face it; most of our most used lures end up at the bottom of the water when the fishing reel won’t pull anymore, so be smart when purchasing these.

Types of Fishing

Basic Fishing

Night crawlers are usually used for basic fishing in lakes or ponds. These fish are usually smaller and much easier to tempt into taking the fishing bait. Fish such as bluegill, perch, crappie, catfish, and sunfish are a few that are popular among fishing. These fish are also good to catch and then use as bait to catch a tasty bass.

Deep Water Fishing

Deep sea fishing is said to be the most fun; the popular bait among fishing experts is the squid. Squid can be used for bait to catch: red snapper, king macrol, amberjacks, drums, marlins, tuna and much more. Deep sea fishing with your reliable boat hire is said to bring more plentiful food if you’re actually fishing to get a good meal.

Spoon Billing Fishing

Spoon billing is considered one of the most challenging fishing sports to master; the trick is usually keeping the hook at the correct distance from the bottom of the water which usually entails having a fish finder with depth. Spoon billing is a very large fish but very hard to catch. With this fishing sport you don’t usually use bait for these fish, simply dragging the water with a hook and holding your breath is all you can do. Book now at Eastcoast Sailing for your complete fishing guide and needs.

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