Finding the Best Mine Spec Vehicles in Brisbane

Looking for professional mining 4WD hire Brisbane? Vista 4WD Hire has a wide range of mine spec vehicles that can satisfy every aspect of mine vehicles, as well as fit-out solutions for mine operations. Mine spec vehicles by this company include various brands that you can choose from to meet specific needs for mine requirements.

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Mine specification light vehicles from this company have ANCAP five-star rates for safety, which can be applied in several areas of mining operations including mine explorations, BMA applications, LNG/CSG applications, and other mine sites where high standards of safety are required from an off-road vehicle.

The company’s large fleet of mine spec vehicles also includes the following:

Semi-Mine Spec Commuter Bus with up to 12 Seats

This 4WD hire Brisbane option allows you to transport your mine staff through rough terrains safely and ocmfartably. This vehicle is a Toyota Hi-Ace mine spec commuter bus, offering the perfect solution that you can use to move your staff safely without needing additional vehicles.

Thus, it is a safe and very cost-effective transport option in mining areas. This vehicle is also outfitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System, which has a driver ID. This type of vehicle is highly-suitable for mining applications in CSG/LNG work sites.

4WD Semi-Mine Spec

This vehicle is fitted with some mine spec features to enhance safety. For example, it comes with improvements in terms of visibility with important safety equipment. Some of the safety features that can be found in a semi mine spec vehicle include amber beacons with reversing beepers.

It also includes certain safety equipment such as a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher. When full mine spec vehicle options of IVMS and ROPs are not available, these vehicles offer the perfect choice for users. The good advantage with these is that they are very cost-effective as you do not have to pay for mine spec fit-outs that you do not really need.

4WD Single Cab Ute

Mining 4WD hire Brisbane options have been built with a large tray that can be used to carry tools and equipment. These can also a carry a total of 3 people, alongside the tools and the equipment. This vehicle is a Toyota Landcruiser Ute, which can serve as the ultimate mining work vehicle.

This vehicle is also powered by a turbo-charged V8 diesel engine. A GVM upgrade has further toughened it into a mine spec form that makes it more suited for mine transport operations.

If you are looking for the best mine spec vehicle and other 4WD vehicles in Brisbane that offer you both excellent performance and affordability, check out the 4WD fleet by Vista 4WD Hire. The company also offers many users a one-stop shop for mine vehicle fit-outs and you can find Brisbane 4WD hire options to satisfy your unique specs.

Visit the company’s official website at to learn more about mining spec vehicles and other 4WD hire Brisbane of incredible quality, as well as delivered with a great deal of professionalism.

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