Get Best Value on Honda Motorcycles in the UK

Wheels Motorcycles is one of the leading Honda bike dealers in the UK. The company is located in First Drove, Fengate Peterborough. The establishment has a long standing reputation of providing outstanding services and supplying both new and second hand scooters and motorcycles. This is definitely a one stop shop for all your motorcycle and scooter needs. It is without a doubt that Wheels Motorcycles is one of the leading Honda bike dealers.

Wheels Motorcycles is one of the leading Honda bike dealers

Wheels Motorcycles is one of the leading Honda bike dealers and offers servicing and genuine OEM parts that assure you of excellent reliability. The company has an all-inclusive service department that is equipped with cutting edge technology and has qualified and well trained technicians. Their standards are quite high and their technicians usually undertake regular training sessions to ensure that the motorcycle repairs or any work is carried out to the utmost standard.

In addition, the company also supplies a wide range of genuine motorbike spare parts for all the models and makes in the market. Furthermore, they also offer same day or even next day delivery services depending on your location. Therefore, regardless of the needs or requirements that you have, you will definitely get the help that you need.

The company also offers rider training. They have partnered with GOLDSTAR to deliver the Compulsory Basic Training course that is also referred to as DAS, CBT, Standard and Light License motorcycle training course or Direct Access motorcycle training course for unrestricted license. A CBT course is mandatory for individuals who want to learn how to ride a motorbike.

The CBT certificate tends to be valid for two years after which the rider must retake the CBT. This is a requirement for every individual who wants to ride a motorbike or a moped on the road. This law applies regardless of experience or age of the individual. Therefore acquiring the CBT certificate is definitely legal requirement that riders must fulfil. This course mainly introduces the prospective riders to road craft and the basic riding skills.

Wheels Motorcycle Company offers a lifetime guarantee on all their new and used motorcycles. This warranty applies to all motorbikes that are over 250cc and have covered under 30,000 miles or are less than 10 years younger during the time of purchase. This warranty applies to all models such as Kawasaki, Aprilia, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda models and is generally quite generous. This guarantee takes the worries and risks from the customer and leaves them all to the local dealer.

The company also provides motorcycle finance services to its clients. The organization offers one of the best rates in the market. They make every effort to cater for every individual regardless of their financial situation or debt problems. Furthermore, the financing services can easily be arranged within 30 minutes on both new and secondhand motorbikes.

The company also has an online store that sells rider clothing and accessories. They stock brand names such as Shark, AGV, Drift, RST, Shoei, Alpinestars, Arai, Kriega and Knox. Some of the accessories and clothing sold include: boots, electronics, leather suits, jackets, gloves, shoes, facial wear, helmets and knee sliders.

Others include: body armor like bionic back protectors and chest guards, rucksacks and waist packs, alpinestars thermal tech socks, skull cap beanies, racing road socks, trousers and waterproof rain suits. Want to buy a new Honda bike? Wheels Motorcycles is one of the leading Honda bike dealers in the UK and will offer you best value on your purchases.

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