New Citroen Models in Australia

There is much choice and variety that you can get at a Brisbane Citroen dealership. Whether you are looking for utility vehicle or the top end of luxury, Citroen offers one of the widest collection of cars that can suit all needs and tastes. Buying from a Citroen dealership comes with various advantages such as auto-financing for your purchases, sales staff that is knowledgeable and friendly, top quality and genuine parts which will guarantee the longevity of your vehicle as well as well-trained and factory certified staff who know what they are doing and are likely to give you top end servicing on your vehicles. You can also find all kinds of Citroen models that you are shopping for including new models as well as the used models.

Some of the main models that you can find in a Citroen dealership include the following:

·         Citroen C3

·         Citroen C4

·         The Citroen C4 Picasso

·         DS4

·         DS3

·         DS3 Cabrio

·         Citroen C5

·         Citroen C5 Tourer

·         DS5

Here is a look at some of the top sellers:

Citroen C5 Brisbane Sales

This is one of the large Citroen models. It is equipped with lots of innovative technology and offers users incredible performance. Drivers can look forward to greater control, comfort as well as safety when driving the vehicle. It guarantees you a good deal of driver enjoyment. Buyers can choose this in both the tourer as well as saloon models. There are three computer networks which control almost every aspect of the Citroen C5 and you can look forward to an unforgettable driving experience in this vehicle.

Citroen DS5 Brisbane Sales

The Citroen DS5 assures you of an easy contemporary luxury. It has a flowing and sleek design along with some great depth in progressive technology. The car is designed with fresh detailing as well as top notch quality materials that make for a truly luxurious ride. Every feature of the DS5 exudes top elegance. It is built with aerodynamic sculpting with curved rooflines that merge into its sporty rear roof spoiler. The wheel has muscular arches and it comes with muscular alloy wheels. Buying this vehicle promises you good level of luxury along with a dynamic performance.

The interior of the car is simply impeccable. It is ultra spacious and highly sophisticated, filled with natural sunlight. Every part of the vehicle interior is impeccably finished with advanced techniques. The design exudes some soul. Buyers can choose from two main types of engines – the turbocharged 115kW petrol or the 120kW HDi turbo diesel. You will get refined power in this vehicle as well as some balance in driving.

The luxurious Citroen model is designed to allow for easy vehicle handling and you will comfortably manage sharp responses.

Whether it is the top notch performance or the quality styling, there are plenty of good reasons to love the Citroen models. In Brisbane, you can find the latest designs of new Citroen cars as well as used models in top condition at a Citroen dealership which also offers you many other service advantages. Check out for additional information.

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